Meet Pastor Warren and Pat Willie.

Warren Willie and his lovely wife Pat have responded to the request from Cross Community Church that he serve for a season as Interim Pastor. They come with a wealth of experience gained by serving five previous congregations. They have served two churches in Portland, Oregon; another in Kelowna, British Columbia; then on the coast in Newport, Oregon and finally in Muncie, Indiana. Each cultural situation was uniquely different from the others.
Warren and Pat have three children, a son and two daughters. Both daughters pastor with their husbands, one in Oregon and the other in Arizona.
Church associations have varied through the years. Warren and Pat were both raised in old line denominational churches through college age, and then have served community churches as well as Spirit-filled congregations through the years. Varied sizes of churches are familiar to them. They planted a new church starting with just sixteen people in the 1980s and then watched it grow to over four hundred. They have prepared pastors from their congregations and then sent them out from their local congregation to pastor other churches. They have overseen the planting of new congregations out of the mother church they were pastoring as well as assuming troubled churches that needed immediate remedial care. Their pilgrimage was broad and fulfilling.
Warren and Pat have committed to serve Cross Community until a satisfactory leadership configuration is settled upon by the congregation and until a new younger pastoring couple with a family are identified as the ones to assume the church and take it on into the next season.  Until then they are focusing on rich times in worship, comprehensive instruction in the Word, and on encouraging loving fellowship all with a view to growing in numbers and vitality in the Lord Jesus.