Wednesday, October 12
5:45 pm  Supper
6:45 pm  Student Underground
6:45 pm  SONlight outing to Gould Farm

Bring your permission slip

6:45 pm Adult Bible Study

Thursday, October 13
8:00 am  Basel Haus CROSSwalk
7:00 pm  Sprunger CROSSwalk

Sunday, October 16
9:00 am  Sunday School
10:00 am Morning Worship/
Children's Ministry

Monday, October 17
7:00 pm LIFE at Deb Burkhart's
9:00 pm  Bowling League

Tuesday, October 18
8:30 am County Health Dept. in
Fellowship Hall
315 West Main Street, Berne, IN 46711

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Sunday, June 19
Minnie Leigh
daughter of
Greg and Brittani
was dedicated

Everyone got into the spirit of the
Blessing of the Bikes
on Sunday, May 15
Sunday, July 31
Enslee Ella
daughter of Gabe & Becca
was dedicated

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Cross Community
Church of Berne
Dawnna Plummer of Beloved-Not Forgotten, spoke at
LIFE on Sept. 19 at Cross Church.  Her topic was Child
Trafficking in Fort Wayne and local communities. She
worked overseas with Destiny Rescue for nine years
and has brought her experience and passion to Indiana
in working to open a rescue house in Fort Wayne.