Saturday, April 30 - 10 am Revive Engage

Sunday, May 1
9:00 am   Sunday School
10:00 am Morning Worship/Communion
Children's Ministry
6:00 pm  Yoder CROSSwalk
6:30 pm  Fleming CROSSwalk

Monday, May 2
7:00 p.m. Church Council Meets
9:00 pm  Church Bowling League

Wednesday, May 4
6:45 pm  Student Underground
30 pm  SONlight Bowling Outing
7:00 p.m.A Spirit of Power...
                Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Sackey

8:15 pm  Praise Team Rehearsal

Thursday, May 5
8:00 am Basel Haus CROSSwalk group
7:00 pm
A Spirit of Power...
               Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Sackey

315 West Main Street, Berne, IN 46711

We are happy that you are interested in checking out Cross
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can serve you and how you may be able to serve with us. Our
goal is that we take our worship out of the church walls and into
our daily lives. This website is designed to be a tool to inform
and assist us in our Christian walks and also to declare who we
are! Feel free to browse around, and if you run into questions,
be sure to send an email to the staff so we can help you.
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County Wide
Engage Service
Saturday, April 30
Cross Community Church
The Good Friday message
was "Where was God?" but
you had only to look at the
cross on the wall to see God
sending a beautiful
message that "He Lives!"
Words of Lent
Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Sackey
Revival Harvest Ministries
A Spirit of Power...
Wednesday & Thursday,
May 4 and 5
7:00 p.m.